Validation Toolbox

Validation_tool_screenshot.png The Validation Toolbox is made up by 2 parts. The Online Validation Tool which enables users to compare ASCAT soil moisture to in situ data from the ISMN, and pytesmo (python Toolbox for the Evaluation of Soil Moisture Observations). Pytesmo is an open source python package which contains parts of the source code of the Online Validation Tool as well as additional readers for soil moisture datasets and convenient methods for comparing time series data. Documentation , installation instructions as well as examples and a list of supported datasets can be found here.


The Python Open Earth Observation Tools (poets) are a user-friendly open-source toolbox that is capable of accessing, analysing, processing and storing geospatial image datasets. Information about how to install and use poets is provided by the official documentation . The source code is available at GitHub .


DGG Point Locator

The DGG (Discrete Global Grid) Point Locator displays point locations for various grids (e.g. WARP, SMOS, Quarter-Degree-Grid). It is intended to support users of ASCAT, SMOS, and ECV soil moisture data in the selection of data for their area of interest.