Vreugdenhil, Mariette

Senior Scientist Dr.in techn. MSc

Research Division:
Remote Sensing
University Assistant
Research Area:
Remote sensing of soil moisture and vegetation dynamics

Develop high resolution vegetation datasets from Sentinel-1 and ASCAT backscatter observations

Wiedner Hauptstraße 8 / E120-01 (DC02P18)
Phone #:
+43 1 58801 12260


My interest in Earth Observation and the effect of climate change on Earth’s ecosystems developed during my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Earth Sciences at the VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This motivated me to pursue a PhD in remote sensing which I started in 2012 at the Department for Geodesy and Geoinformation, TU Wien with Prof. Wolfgang Wagner and as part of the Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems with Prof. Günter Blöschl. During my PhD I focused on assessing vegetation dynamics from spaceborne active microwave backscatter observations. Since obtaining my PhD in 2016 I have been working as a researcher at TU Wien in the field of microwave remote sensing.

My area of expertise is the development of retrieval algorithms for vegetation and soil moisture from active microwave observations, in particular from the Advanced SCATterometer on-board of EUMETSAT Metop satellites and from the Synthetic Aperture Radars on-board of the Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites. In addition, I work on the validation of Earth Observation datasets with in situ data collected from networks and field campaigns.

Currently I work on applications of microwave-based soil moisture and vegetation data, particularly for drought monitoring and its impact on vegetation. This includes the use of Metop ASCAT and Sentinel-1 for carbon modelling (ESA Land Carbon Constellation), and to improve our understanding on the local impacts of water availability on vegetation (ESA Living Planet Fellowship). Furthermore, I work on several drought monitoring for early warning and early action in projects together with the World Bank, FFG and the Austrian Development Agency.
For more information on Metop ASCAT and Sentinel-1 for vegetation monitoring, please check: https://eo4society.esa.int/lpf/mariette-vreugdenhil/ https://eo4society.esa.int/projects/land-surface-carbon-constellation-study/


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Type Title Semester Hours
VO Microwave Remote Sensing 2021W 2.0
VO Introduction to Earth Observation 2021W 1.0
PR Interdisciplinary Project in Data Science 2021W 4.0
PR Bachelor Thesis for Environmental Engineering 2021W 10.0
SE Seminar of Geosciences (Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) 2021W 2.0