A variety of Python software packages are hosted and maintained on Github. They support users with downloading, reading, re-sampling and processing of soil moisture products.

ascat - Read and convert data from ASCAT

c3s_sm - Read and convert data from C3S soil moisture

ease_grid - EASE grid lat-lon generation

equi7grid - Defintion of the equi7grid

esa_cci_sm - Read and convert data from ESA CCI soil moisture

ecmwf_models - Read and convert data from ECMWF

ismn - Read data from the International Soil Moisture Network

gldas - Read and convert data from the Noah GLDAS

pygeogrids - Generation and handling of discrete global grids

pynetcf - Interface to NetCDF written according to the CF Metadata conventions

pytesmo - Python toolbox for the evaluation of soil moisture observations

pytileproj - Projected and tiled grid systems

merra - Read and convert data from Merra2

repurpose - Conversion of image formats to time series and vice versa

rt1 - First order scattering radiative transfer model for random volume over ground

sigma0 - Collection of backscatter models

smap_io - Read and convert data from SMAP

smos - Read and convert data from SMOS


DGG Point Locator

The DGG (Discrete Global Grid) Point Locator displays point locations for various grids (e.g. WARP, SMOS, Quarter-Degree-Grid). It is intended to support users of ASCAT, SMOS, and ECV soil moisture data in the selection of data for their area of interest.