Best Paper Award for Fogliaroni and Bauer-Marschallinger

We congratulate two of our colleagues who each received the Best Paper Award of the Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation for 2014:

Paolo Fogliaroni for the paper
Modeling Visibility in 3D Space: a Qualitative Frame of Reference
Authors: P. Fogliaroni, E. Clementini
in: M. Breunig, M. Al-Doori, E. Butwilowski, P.V. Kuper, J. Benner, K.H. Haefele (Hrsg.): 3D Geoinformation Science: The Selected Papers of the 3D GeoInfo 2014, Springer

Bernhard Bauer-Marschallinger for the paper
Optimisation of global grids for high-resolution remote sensing data
Authors: B. Bauer-Marschallinger, D. Sabel, W. Wagner
in: Computers & Geosciences, 72 (2014), 84–93

The awards were presented by Michael Drmota, the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation on 29 October 2015.
 Oct. 30, 2015

 Microwave Remote Sensing